Insurance companies are often difficult to work with. They constantly squeeze higher discounts from your scheduled fees, create more paperwork, and frequently create administrative chaos. In return, you see a decrease in revenue and an increase in cost. Concierge Dental Plans can help you change that. Becoming a Concierge Dental Plans Partner will:

  • Increase your clientele
  • Take control from the insurance carriers
  • Be able to focus on providing quality care and less on paperwork
  • Increase your revenue
  • Help save your patient’s money
  • Help build patient loyalty
  • Get Exclusive Partner Programs including easier access to the newest technology on the market
  • Staff Training
  • And much more…


When you become a Partner in the Concierge Dental Plans, you are solving potential patients’ biggest obstacle to visiting your practice and providing to them the modern way for families to afford their extremely important dental care.  Unlike old fashioned insurance, you and your patient are in control. It simplifies everything for you and the plan members.


Patient members:

  • Receive standard preventive coverage
  • Pay you for all other procedures
  • Have no deductibles or annual limits
  • Understand the fees and see the value
  • Standard Preventive Coverage is $40 per visit. No limit on cleanings!



Preventive Coverage is $40 visit. No limit on cleanings!


Becoming an exclusive Concierge Dental Plans Partner will bring more patients to your practice and because you have made it simple and affordable for them, they will continue to be your patient for years to come. To become a partner or for more information please contact:

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